Pain during menstruation is not okay. Period! say students of a college in Mumbai

Period Pain is Not Okay - Workshop Against Dysmenorrhea

When a few girl students from a  college in Mumbai came across the education material of #WhySufferSilently, they were left astounded for they didn’t know that period pain is not normal. These girls, like a overwhelming majority of girls across India, were educated and made to believe that periods ought to be painful. Determined to bust this myth, the girls conducted a Dysmenorrhea Awareness Workshop in their college. We applaud the girls for such a great initiative and in joining us to achieve our mission of bringing an end to painful periods.

If you a principal or a teacher and wish to conduct a dysmenorrhea workshop at your school or college? Please click here to request a workshop on dysmenorrhea (painful periods).

We bring you pictures from the workshop.

College boys & girls attend the dysmenorrhea workshop

Education of Dysmenorrhea Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

With the help of #WhySufferSilently posters workshop volunteers explain dysmenorrhea symptoms, causes & treatment to the non-teaching staff of the College.

Spreading Awareness of Dysmenorrhea with #WhySufferSilently Posters

Girls read the #WhySufferSilently posters stuck in the washroom of the college.

Spreading Awareness of Period Pain with #WhySufferSilently Posters

Disclaimer: A dysmenorrhea (painful periods) workshop is held only to spread awareness about dysmenorrhea. The workshop does not constitute to a medical advice or medical counselling.