The periods conversation with my best friend

Priya had been my best friend since childhood. She and I studied at the same school, took the same hobby classes and had frequent sleepovers at each other’s. I don’t remember a time in my life when Priya wasn’t a part of it. It was during one of our combined study sessions when I was on my periods that we had this conversation:

Me: “Oh God! This pain is too much to bear. I am barely able to sit. I don’t know how I will manage my exam tomorrow! I think I need to consult a doctor”

Priya: “Anjali’s mom had taken her to a doctor. But the doctor says there’s nothing to cure period pain.”

Me: “What do I do Priya? Isn’t there any way to eliminate period pain?

Priya: “You will have to learn to deal with it. I have learnt to bear the pain. You can’t get rid of it. Other girls in the class also have the same opinion.”

It was a short, but conclusive conversation. By the end of it, I had taken Priya’s advice to deal the pain. And we never revisited the debate. A few years later when we had finished school and been in different colleges, Priya shared with me 3 Facebook posts from #WhySufferSilently. Along with the posts was a note which read, “I wish someone had told us periods are normal, period pain is not. Would have saved us, especially you, much agony”