Why fathers don’t discuss period pain with daughters?

Why is my daughter’s first period so heavy?

Fathers tend to dote on their daughters making the father-daughter bond very enviable. I too was my dad’s little princess and practically inseparable from him. From studies, sports, extracurricular classes to hobby classes, my dad encouraged me for anything and everything. While his strength gave me the confidence to be independent, his extremely soft and caring nature would come to the fore everytime I fell ill. Being by my bedside, he would tend me to love and care that even my mother couldn’t.

But his care, which gave me a sense of security that nothing else could, crashed the day I got my first period. I was very scared at the sight of blood. The intense churning and pain left me crippled and I thought I am going to die. I asked my dad to be around, but he wouldn’t be. From then on, I would see my dad shying away from me and my mood swings during this pesky hormonal time of the month. Except for when i would get my period, he always made me feel like the most important person, the most beautiful girl and the most capable person on earth.

This dichotomy made me wonder if my dad too believed in the countless period myths and taboos. So I decided to use #WhySufferSilently posters as a conversation starter. He listened to me very carefully and by the end of our conversation he had tears in his eyes as he said, “I am sorry beta to have not been by your side all these years. Most men in our society have been made to believe periods are painful. Thank you for teaching me that periods are normal, period pain is not.I was touched to say the least.

Later that night, I saw him go through the #WhySufferSilently Facebook page and share the link with his friends and colleagues. 🙂