How can human resource departments help spread period pain awareness in offices?

#WhySufferSilently - Period Pain Awareness in Office by HR

As many as 50% of women may be absent at their workplace due to dysmenorrhea. Office absenteeism due to dysmenorrhea, commonly known as painful periods, affects a woman’s productivity and subsequently her career growth. Painful periods not only adversely impact a women’s health physically, but also mentally. It’s important for all working women to know that “periods are normal, period pain is not.”

If you’re work in the human resources department, you can help spread period pain awareness by taking these simple steps:

Step 1 – Send your colleagues emails on dysmenorrhea awareness

We have prepared a series of 12 emails on painful period awareness that you can send to unlimited number of people, right from our website. Please click here to send an emails to all your colleagues right now!

Step 2 – Stick these posters in the washroom

These 3 posters on menstrual pain awareness are the easiest way to make working women understand the symptoms, severity & treatment of extremely painful periods. You can download these posters from our website ( print them on A3 size papers and stick them in the women’s washroom of your office.

Step 3 – Conduct a workshop on painful periods awareness

You can download, print & distribute period pain awareness leaflets with the workshop attendees. To download these leaflets, click here.

If you are looking at an attendance of 100 or more women, you can write to us for conducting dysmenorrhea workshop. Please click here to request a dysmenorrhea workshop.

Step 4 – Share our social media handles with your colleagues

Share & tag your colleagues on the #WhySufferSilently social media handles – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Youtube.

Step 5 – Enroll 5 colleagues to spread the word

Our mission is to bring an end to painful periods by reaching out to all adolescent girls & young women in the country. And we are going to need every woman to become a part of this movement. Enrolling just 5 of your colleagues in this mission will enable us to reach many more women.


Disclaimer: A dysmenorrhea (painful periods) workshop is held only to spread awareness about dysmenorrhea. The workshop does not constitute to a medical advice or medical counselling.