Why do mothers tell their daughters to bear period pain?

There’s nothing quite like the bond between mother and daughter. No one understands better the physical changes a girl goes through – getting breasts and periods, for a mother has been through these.

I was 13 when I got my first periods, and my mother shared her experiences of what getting periods meant for her when she was growing up. My mother’s stories greatly shaped my understanding of periods. So when my extremely active life; which otherwise consisted of studies, dance & sports; came to a grinding halt during every period, I thought it to be “Normal.” While my mother’s tenderness helped me navigate the extreme cramping, pain and nausea that would accompany my periods, she would always say, “I have borne this pain beta and you must too to be a mother someday.” I took her worldly advice to be the absolute truth. I was naturally surprised when I learnt that period pain can be treated.

As a 20 year old, I experienced how wrong education continues being imparted down generations. My most loving and caring mother did fail. She failed telling me periods are normal, period pain is not. She failed imparting the correct period pain education. As I took my mother through #WhySufferSilently posters, both of us realised – there’s no relationship in the world like mother and daughter.