Which exercises are best for period pain relief?

Dysmenorrhea (painful periods) is the most under-reported and under-treated gynaecological problem among adolescent girls & young women. Every month during their periods, upto 70% of adolescent girls* bear in silence the agonising cramps, nausea, fainting and other health issues which are incorrectly brushed off as ‘normal’ by mothers, sisters, teachers, friends and even by  some doctors. Therefore it’s important for everyone to know that periods are normal, period pain is not.

Dysmenorrhea also known as period cramps or menstrual cramps can be very debilitating and most girls & women might prefer to curl up and lie down rather than exercise during period pain. But exercise can not only help reduce period pain.

So here’s a list of exercises that are the best workouts for providing period pain relief.

Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises produce endorphins which are natural mood lifters and can help uplift your mood. Besides making you feel good, endorphins also help in reducing period pain. Experts recommend that aerobic exercises like running, spinning and dancing get the blood circulating throughout your body, thus reducing period pain.


Yoga exercises help improve the overall balance and strength of the body, as well as reduce anxiety and depression. Because of the focus on breath, relaxation, and meditation Yoga exercises are great for period pain relief. By bringing oxygen rich blood back to the muscles, breathing exercises help in reducing cramping. Besides this, the strength and stretching from certain Yoga poses can help relax certain tight areas of the body, thus providing relief from menstrual cramp and other dysmenorrhea symptoms such as breast tenderness.

Light Exercises

Low-impact cardio exercises like walking is enough in getting your blood flowing and providing you relief from period pain. In case period cramps are so debilitating to not allow you walking, experts recommend getting some stretching exercises. Stretching help lengthen muscles thus alleviating pain.

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Disclaimer: The contents of this blog have been simplified to enable an elementary understanding of dysmenorrhea (painful periods). This blog does not constitute medical advice.